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April 13, 2024

Dangriga murder victim identified as Darren ‘Dalla Coin’ Taylor

Taylor was shot dead in the Foreshore area around 8:30 tonight although the circumstances are not yet clear.
April 13, 2024

BREAKING: Darren Taylor, alias ‘Dalla Coin’, killed in Dangriga

While details are still being gathered, the victim is reported to be a well-known resident identified as Darren Taylor, also known as 'Dalla Coin.'
April 13, 2024

Rains and cool weather prevail following days of extreme temperatures

The forecast is for moist conditions to continue.
April 13, 2024

Beauty Ambassadors compete for coveted Black Orchid themed glass crown at Miss Universe Belize pageant

The Black Orchid Crown was created by Belizean Creative Inga Woods-Waight who is an engineering student, glass blower and STEM Advocate.
April 13, 2024

International News: More than 95,000 people flee Port-au-Prince in a month amidst crisis in Haiti

The United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported that insecurity is "pushing more and more people to leave the capital to find refuge in provinces, [...]
April 13, 2024

Leader of the Opposition donates $5000 to Miss Universe Belize Pageant

“As someone who comes from the Fine Arts, I recognize pageantry for the art form it is.
April 13, 2024

Premier League of Belize: Four crucial matches set for Saturday night

By Rubén Morales Iglesias: As the Premier League of Belize 2023-24 Closing Championhip’s regular season reaches its climax, the battle for playoff positioning intensifies, with Port [...]
April 13, 2024

Minister of Sustainable Development and Youth Empowerment Alliance bring campfire to Mora Town

The camp fire will be held at the Independence Park commencing at 6:30 pm tonight!
April 13, 2024

Man accused of scamming Indira Craig out of $10,000 rent

According to Indira Craig, news anchor living in King's Park, Belize City, she was contacted on July 22, 2023, concerning the status of her residence by [...]
April 13, 2024

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Heads of Mission visit Adjacency Zone in Western Belize

At the office, Minister Fonseca and Heads of Missions were briefed on the OAS Adjacency Zone activities which are aimed at maintaining peace along the border [...]

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