BREAKING NEWS: Shooting in San Ignacio
December 24, 2013
Cyclist knocked down by bus
December 24, 2013

Elderly man murdered in San Ignacio




By Patrick E. Jones [670-6397] – Police on all-terrain vehicles have swarmed the Kontiki area of San Ignacio after an armed robbery turned murder earlier tonight.

The victim has been identified as Freddy Lopez. Unconfirmed reports are that Lopez was held up just after 10 pm tonight, Monday, December 23, 2013; but refused to hand over his belongings.

He was reportedly shot once to the left of his chest.

Although he was rushed to the San Ignacio Community Hospital, the gunshot injury was too much for the elderly man to survive and he died just after 11 pm.

Neighbors report hearing the gunshot, but thought it was children playing with firecrackers, which is a popular activity at this time of the year.

Police are looking for the murderer.

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  1. Vernon Wilson says:

    This will only stop when the people start policing ti used to be 50 years ago.. Every one knows who the bad guys are and back then they never got away with anything before someone beat them.. Stop it early and it will not grow into murder.. It is up to the community to protect itself.. Stop making excuses and asking the Gov. To do what you can do.. Everyone there knows who are the bad guys.. Stop supporting bad behavior … In children and adults.. There are more good people in Belize then bad..
    Why are the good the victims? Only because the community does no longer raise the children… When I grew up if I did anything bad I would be beat by my neighbor then my uncle then my father before I ever got home.. Then if it was really bad the police would be called in..
    My advice is take back your lives.. No need then to lock your doors or steel bars on your windows.. For 2,000 years none were needed why now?
    Stop and think who is to blame.. Those who said it is not my problem..well wake up it is your problem.. It can be changed.. You just have to be honest and do what is right for others..just what Christ preached..

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