New website promotes Toledo artists and their craft

Building People Movement website launched

Building People Movement website launched

JUAN CAAL Reporting: A new website promoting the local arts and talent of people of the Toledo district was launched this week.  An organization called Building People Movement is behind the initiative.  According to a press release from the organization, “the building people website is a dream come through for Building People Movement,” that took “years of hard work to accomplish.”

One of the main persons behind the BPM and the Socio-Economic Outreach organization is Ms. Dorla Bowman and the hope is for the realization of “real economic empowerment of the people of Toledo District through the use of their natural resources and their god given talent.”

The official release explains that “a great deal of time and energy has gone into meeting the artisans and entrepreneurs, building trust, capacity building, encouraging their creativity, product development, organizing competitions and creating a family of entrepreneurs with viable products for the market.  These people, male and female, are not full time entrepreneurs they have other responsibilities like parenting, cooking, washing, fetching water, fetching firewood, hunting, fishing and farming.”

At the launch of the website it was announced that Belizean Flavors and Maya Weave “are two fitting brand names for our two lines of products.”

The products and services being offered through the new website is open to the world, according to the BPM release.

“Our marketing price is based on fair trade, which takes into consideration the time and skills the artisans have put into each product,” the release says, explaining that the venture is not for profit.  “The monies made goes directly to the artisans and their skills and marketing enhancement,” the release concludes.

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