Gary Seawell continues fight against extradition

Belize Supreme Court building

Belize Supreme Court building

AARON HUMES Reporting: Accused drug trafficker Gary Seawell was back in court today as well, entering a new phase of his fight against extradition to the U.S. to face charges in Ohio.

But his case was adjourned until March 18.

Attorney Arthur Saldivar says the documents from the Magistrate’s Court were not yet available but will be by that time.

The hearing before Justice Michelle Arana is a writ of habeas corpus challenging the legality of the detention of Seawell at Hattieville Prison.

The Superintendent of Prisons is the first-named opponent along with the Attorney General.

Saldivar insists that there is no usable evidence before the court and that the documents provided by the U.S. at the time of the extradition hearing are not valid because there is no evidence that they were properly sworn out by authorities.

Gary and his brother Mark have been wanted for several years and the latter is fighting his own case in the courts.

Another brother, Duane, is currently in jail after being convicted.

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