Barge damages Port of Belize pier

Barge rams pier (Belize City)

Barge rams pier
(Belize City)

AARON HUMES Reporting: This morning around 4:30 a.m. a barge crashed into the pier head at the Yarborough compound of the Port of Belize Limited, causing several damaged and cracked beams in the structure.

This afternoon, Port CEO Arturo Vasquez told us that the pier is out of commission for 4-6 days as engineers assess and make plans to repair.

However, the Port will not be closed and the ongoing shipment of sugar to the U.K. which began on Monday has not been affected as that ship does not use the pier.

What is affected is container cargo, and Vasquez says the Port is working out its plans to receive container cargo from those ships which can dock away from the pier, but some others may have to be turned back.

No injuries were reported.

Damage from the barge ramming the pier

Damage from the barge ramming the pier

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