Health workers learn about quality performance

Ministry of Health (Belize)

Ministry of Health

AARON HUNMES Reporting: Belize’s Ministry of Health has committed to improvements in the national health system, which includes seeing that the system polices itself.

This week at the Biltmore Plaza, approximately 60 health workers from the country’s major health centers and outposts will learn about optimizing performance for quality and learning for performance.

Director of the Planning Unit for the Ministry of Health Dr. Ramon Figueroa says quality covers everything from patient care to service to equipment and training to internal analysis.

Dr. Figueroa says the project will assist hospitals like the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital from avoiding or minimizing embarrassing mistakes like last May’s deaths of 8 premature babies due to a common bacteria’s presence in the intensive care unit by ensuring that the quality assurance units not only meet regularly to discuss potential problems, but also correspond with other units.

The project is funded by USAID.

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