Belize Botanic Gardens continues to train professional gardeners

Gardeners training (Belize Botanic Gardens)

Gardeners training
(Belize Botanic Gardens)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014. PATRICK E. JONES Reporting: The Belize Botanic Gardens continues to provide top-of-the-line training for persons interested in a career in gardening.

According to a press release issues on Monday, students from the Professional Gardeners Training wrapped up a week of landscape design with a competition to choose the most appropriate one for the permanent erection at the Belize Botanic student garden.

Garden design (Belize Botanic Gardens)

Garden design
(Belize Botanic Gardens)

According to the official release, Kayla Usher won the competition with a simple design which incorporated plants already in the area with new plants which are expected to attract birds and butterflies to the area.

As winner of the competition, Usher will now get to supervise the other trainee gardeners as they construct her design.

These students, according to the Belize Botanic Gardens will graduate on May 23 and be ready to enter the workforce. Before they graduate, the current group of trainee gardeners will proceed on their on-the-job training on Monday, April 14.

Anyone interested in hiring one of the professional gardeners when they graduate is asked to contact Natalie Bol at Belize Botanic Gardens via email

The professional gardeners training involves a 10-week horticulture course and a 12-week on-the-job training component.

The next class is expected to start on May 26. Classes and workshops, with a combined budget of BZ$1.3 million, are funded by the European Union’s BRDPII and duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge.


Professional Gardeners train (Belize Botanic Gardens)

Professional Gardeners train
(Belize Botanic Gardens)

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