Labour Department hosts open day

Labor Department Open Day (Belize City)

Labor Department Open Day
(Belize City)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014. AARON HUMES Reporting: Thursday is Labour Day, a time to honor the working class of the society.

On this last working day before the holiday, the Labour Department hosted countrywide open day sessions to show the general public what work it does.

Calbert Barber (Senior Labor Officer)

Calbert Barber
(Senior Labor Officer)

Senior labour officer Calbert Barber told us that the Department’s chief work is to promote labour rights of workers, especially those in special conditions – sick, unlawfully terminated, disabled, unemployed, pregnant, or even dead.

However, he noted that the worker should take more of an interest in becoming knowledgable about what rights they have under the law.

Among the Department’s many tasks, especially in a time of high unemployment, is to expand the work force by finding jobs where it can for skilled labourers.

Some have rather high expectations for high-paying jobs for which they do not have the qualifications or skills.

Brenda Serrano (Employment Officer)

Brenda Serrano
(Employment Officer)

Employment officer and inspector Brenda Serrano said that the Department conducts regular trainings for prospective job-seekers as well as promotes entrepreneurial training.

It is important that such job-seekers arm themselves with the necessary skills for their desired position, whether through education or self-initiative.

The Department also promotes security for employees with HIV in the workplace and intervenes in labour disputes.

It is currently engaged in the revising of the Labour Act to update those protections and remedies for breaches of labour.



Labor Office (Belize City)

Labor Office
(Belize City)

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