City taxi man ambushed, says family

Belize Police Report

Belize Police Report

Tuesday, May 27, 2014. AARON HUMES Reporting: Early on Sunday morning, 56 year old Norman Thompson, a taxi operator of West Street, was driving his car in an alley joining Banak Street to Logwood Street next to La Popular Bakery.

He was headed toward Banak Street when unknown gunmen fired twice at him, hitting him to the right upper shoulder and right upper back.

As a result his green 4-door Geo Prism, license plates D-7487, crashed into the back fence of Habet and Habet Limited which is on Banak Street.

Family say that only a cellular phone was taken from him; his wallet was ignored, which leave them to believe that robbery was not the intended motive.

They also believe that he was known to his killer or killers.

Thompson’s family says he was very careful about the persons he gave service to.

They are asking for assistance to give him a proper burial.

Police continue their investigations.

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