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June 6, 2014
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June 6, 2014

Toledo man wanted for allegedly impregnating his daughter

Sex offender alert

Carnal knowledge cases

Carnal knowledge cases

Friday, June 6, 2014. PATRICK E. JONES Reporting: There is another disturbing story of the sexual abuse of our young girls by grown men.

The latest story comes from rural Toledo district and police are classifying it as a case of incest.

A 16 year old girl from the remote village of Aguacate went to police this week accompanied by her sister to report that last September, her father had sexual intercourse with her.

Police say that a medical examination conducted on the minor not only certified that she was raped, but that she is 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant.

Due to the nature of the crime, the name of the Girl’s father cannot be revealed and police in Toledo are looking for this man for questioning.

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  1. elvis tush says:

    I think to my opinion that man who had sexual intercourse with his daughter need to be sentence to jail until he can learn some sense. I mean I already have a wife and for dame reason he would do that to his own daughter. mein that’s bull shit,why not he give a youth the opportunity instead of him in that case the girl can still b with that person

  2. elvis tush says:

    and for me I do know that person am from aguacate village, he lives a little far from me. but u know what this man here. who did molest his daughter I think he is already use to it. because he already try rapping his first daughter that’s what people of aguacate village now I guess its time for him to learn some sense.we don’t wanna c him in aguacate again and infact he is a Guatemalan. which make it worse

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