Police investigate murder in Belize City
September 23, 2014
Man charged for rape
September 23, 2014

Alfonso Choco

Alfonso Choco

Alfonso Choco

Tuesday, September 23, 2014. JUAN CAAL Reporting: Since the sensational arrest of 22 year old Miguel Choco on September 4 on suspicion of being the person who murdered 61 year old Agripina Coc in San Pedro Columbia village, Toledo, his parents and family have been silent.

San Pedro Columbia

San Pedro Columbia

Choco’s family members were placed under communal arrest during the four-day search for Miguel and police have since condemned that unlawful detention by villages of San Pedro Columbia village.

Today, 61 year old Alfonso Choco broke his silence on the matter in an interview with Belize Media Group.

With tears in his eyes, Alfonso Choco told our Toledo correspondent Juan Caal that he is a peaceful man who was figuratively nailed to a cross and made to pay for a sin that was not his.

“If my son is guilty, then the law has a job to do,” says Choco.

He explained that he was fully cooperating with the authorities and fully participating in the effort to bring locate and detain Miguel Choco who is believed to have carried out the brutal murder of his fellow San Pedro Columbia villager.

Alfonso Choco expressed his deepest sympathies to his neighbours, the Coc’s family, saying that “I could never imagine their pain of losing a family and if I ever did I would not compare.”

Miguel Choco

Miguel Choco

As for the so-called communal detention, Alfonso Choco says he harbours no resentment to those who did him wrong and victimized him and plans to just drop the whole matter.

He says that to push any further, such as taking legal action against the community for detaining him and his family, would be counterproductive because “that will not solve the problem.  The difference between me and them is that I am a peaceful man.”

Additionally, Alfonso Choco noted in our interview that “I may have failed to educate my son or be the best father but I don’t regret it. I have given my best to my son’s.”

And his message to his fellow villagers of San Pedro Columbia is simple, yet profound:  “I just want to believe that all those who came and scourge my family have their law and order firm in wherever they go and do. I am human. I may have made several or many mistakes but I am willing to pay the consequences; but not at the hands of those with whom I had shared smiles and laughs with.  It hurts more to know that the people who once I thought were friends were indeed my victimizers.”

Agripina Coc (Deceased)

Agripina Coc

Choco says that he and his family will leave the situation now in the hands of the law/police.

“My family will live with a lifetime humiliation. I would want to say I hate them for that but I don’t. Because I have learnt that what goes around comes around.”

Mr Alfonso Choco ended out interview by quoting a verse from the Bible, saying: “who is free from sin can throw the first rock.”

Miguel Choco remains in police detention in Punta Gorda town pending charges since he was captured near San Marcos village earlier this month.

The nude body of Agripina Coc was found on the evening of Saturday, August 30 near her home at the southern entrance to San Pedro Columbia village.

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