Kitchen expansion project starts at Octavia Waight Center

Octavia Waight Center

Octavia Waight Center

February 2, 2015. BMG: Ground-breaking ceremonies were held over the weekend for a project to extend the kitchen at the Octavia Waight Center in San Ignacio town.

Guest speaker at the event which was held on Sunday was the chairman of Help Age Belize Evan Dakers.

The project is expected to cost about one hundred thousand dollars approximately half of that amount has already been raised through collaboration with the Challenge Gobie Foundation.

Work is expected to commence shortly on the improved and expanded kitchen and should be completed in as early as three months.

The Octavia Waight Center is once again partnering with Challenge Gobie Foundation for a second fundraising event, which is a Valentine’s Dinner and Dance on Saturday, February fourteenth.

Anyone wishing to to assist with this project is asked to contact the Octavia Waight Center.

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