Police department holds senior officers’ training in Belize City

Allen Whylie

Allen Whylie

Wednesday, February 18, 2015. AARON HUMES Reporting: This morning the Police Department in Belize City hosted Formation Commanders and Deputy Formation Commanders for a two-day training concerning improving communications with the media.

At this morning opening ceremony, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie said that Formation Commanders and Deputy Commanders are free and invited to speak with reporters on critical issues related to crime in their respective district.

Belize City’s Eastern Division already has its own community and public relations unit to address such matters.

While encouraging that police officers cultivate a personal and professional relationship with the media he reminded that there are limits to what can be presented in order to protect the rights of victims and complainants.

A revised media policy discussing these limits is in the process of being reviewed and is expected to be presented by the end of March.

Today’s training session will feature visits from well-known members of the press to assist officers in gaining the confidence and skills required in addressing the media.

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