Belize City returns Darrel Bradley to City Hall as Mayor

udpThursday, March 5, 2015. AARON HUMES Reporting: Belize City residents have voted to return Darrell Bradley to City Hall as Mayor.

In the Mayoral race in Belize City, the incumbent, Darrel Bradley trounced his two opponents, beating his closest rival by over five thousand votes.

The final results showed Bradley garnering 11,833 votes.

Yolanda Schakron of the People’s United Party (PUP) received 6,739 votes, while Ernesto Torres received 295 votes.

In the race for councilors, the entire UDP slate was elected, with Phillip Willoughby topping the polls with 12,905 votes.

The numbers for the other elected UDP candidates are: Hyacinth Latchman Cuellar 11,654; Jason Edwards 11,531; Alifa Elrington Hyde 11, 421; Dr. Allain Gonzalez 11,799; Dion Leslie 11, 864; Bernard Q. Pitts, Jr. 11, 592; Dean Samuels 11, 663; Kevin Singh, 11, 675 and Michael Theus 11, 628.

For the People’s United Party (PUP), Lennox “DJ Tambran” Young topped the poll with 8, 106 votes. Jermyn Galvez 7, 548; David Gonzalez 7, 496; Micah Goodin 7, 622; Delroy Herrera 7, 509; Delthrude Hylton 7438; Michael Novelo 7473; Natasha Pipersburgh 7547; Sanjay Pitts 7371; Sharett Yearwood 7632.

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