Nine people charged for unlicensed firearm and ammunition

Unlicensed ammunition found

Unlicensed ammunition found

Wednesday, March 11, 2015. BMG: Police in San Pedro town have arrested and charged nine persons for the crime of keeping a firearm and ammunition without and gun licence.

Charged for unlicensed ammunition

Charged for unlicensed ammunition

They have been identified as 51 year old Peter Moses Hernandez, 26 year old Marciana Susana Campos, 23 year old Teresita Jessely Cordova, 48 year old Guadalupe Gonzalez, 42 year old Victor Vasquez, 52 year old John Arana, 30 year old Michael Edwards, 27 year old Juan Gomez, 44 year old Laura Trapp and 25 year old Pedro Campos.

The charges resulted from a search conduced at the residents of Peter Moses Hernandez in the San Juan area of San Pedro town on Friday of last week, during which police found a .22 Taurus brand pistol.

Police say the search also turned up a metal magazine loaded with 8 live rounds of Fiocchi brand ammunition and a small box containing fifteen live rounds of point twenty two ammunition.

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