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May 7, 2015
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May 7, 2015

Most People Don’t Want To Hear The Truth

By Charles Leslie Jr.

charles-leslie-jrNoh Muhl, 13 babies dead at KHMH, Pennergate, Castrogate, $366,468 stolen from Southern Regional Hospital, $500,000 stolen from treasury, Attorney General driver hit and kill female pedestrian, drunken Deputy Commissioner crashing and killing woman, Petrocaribe Loans Act 2015, low conviction rate, police brutality and abuse of power, SME (Small to Medium Size businesses) gutted by the banking system, foreclosures taking up more and more newspaper real estate, second highest murder rate in the world and the list goes on and on about our social decay.  It cannot be ignored.  Let us not fool ourselves.

These giant piles of elephant excrement keep getting on everyone’s shoes, so many have no choice but to begin to contemplate that where there is crap, there is a crapper. And before one can get the elephant out of the room, you have to admit that there is one. Some people will sit with brown stuff running down their faces and look at you with a blank stare saying, “What elephant?” They don’t even notice the manure. Those folks are the furniture….You can’t help them, so don’t waste your time trying. Some people will marvel at the manure that keeps spontaneously generating out of thin air and blame it on the opposing political party; you may or may not be able to help these people. They are certainly worth a try. What you really want is the person that is wondering what kind of beast keeps splattering them and why isn’t anyone really talking about it or doing something about it? These are people that are ready for some truth. Now you’ve got something to work with.

If someone asks you “How can the HOR pass a law that violates the Constitution?,” don’t hit them with a dissertation on the power structure ICJ and how our own Government seems to want to sell us out to Guatemala, all complete with breakdowns of the effects of our membership in the UN, the truth about our history of the imperialist British and how colonialism still has us mentally jaded and the Shadow government, all at once. Just answer their question and it will lead to another question. Think of it like food. They need to eat little bites at a time. They may be hungry for the whole meal because they are one of the rare people who truly want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but they still need to chew only what they can swallow. It is an elephant after all.

Then there are those folks who notice the elephant feces, and ask about it, and when you begin to show them the elephant, they disdainfully say, “How preposterous! That cannot possibly be!! I know that is indeed elephant manure, but still….I’ll acknowledge the tail and leave the rest to my imagination, thank you. Dismissed.” These people are even more disappointing than the last type. They see some of it, but want to keep their hands over their eyes and admit into existence the little bit of what they can see through their fingers. If they keep being forced to admit that the tail is connected to a rump, and the rump is connected to rear legs, and the legs… well you get the picture, and they may, but it requires a lot of patience.

Finally there are people who don’t want to look at the elephant even though it’s standing on their foot. We all have plenty of these people in our lives. When told about something like – BTL and Social Security and how these entities are personal piggy banks for the very well-connected, with all of its effects on choice for consumers, risk of people losing their social security investments, taking over of BTL and the privacy issues that no one wants to talk about, expeditious consolidation of wealth from the public trough leaving our children to pick up the tab, and effects on property rights with the 9th (8th) amendment to our constitution, they say things like “I want to be sure that beer or soda don’t run out for the Easter weekend. That’s a serious issue.” These people will trade your natural resources and real liberty for their false sense of security, a plate of rice and beans, and a blue note, in a heartbeat. They think they get the truth from the evening news, believe that you can’t understand issues without a doctorate degree, and that the government gives us rights and care about our well-being. They are absolutely sure there are no absolutes. They sit there stubbornly no matter how persuasively you plead with them to move. They are the furniture. They stay where they have been put and will not be swayed.

Sometimes the furniture is part of your immediate family. You give them articles, places on the internet to visit, links to government documents on the topic, and endless reams of documentation and mainstream news articles, and they toss back a flippant accusation that “You’re just a conspiracy theorist. Everything cool mi bally. None of this is that bad. Just some fools shooting each other. We no stand a chance to lose half of our country to ICJ. Just lazy people no like pay their loan. Just idiot no like listen to the police and upstart. Just wah lee misunderstanding bout the passport thing. Just woman weh no fi mi the get pregnant in the first place. Just young gyal like tease man and den get rape. Who else have the capabilities fi run BTL other than the PM son, etc” Usually you’ll ask, “Did you read what I gave you?,” and they’ll say something like “I scanned some of it, but didn’t really have time to spend on it. NBA game di come on and then MayPac fight. Oh, and ah have to go buy number and some liquor, I know I wah win soon, and da Friday so gotta get mi lee buzz going, and then I just gonna enjoy the entertainment.” They just told you they don’t know, don’t care, and asked that you please stop confusing them with the facts…When you find that you are engaged in conversation with a coffee table, stop. Save your breath for those with questions.  No impassioned plea ever moved a couch. Don’t talk to the furniture.

This article was written by Charles Leslie Jr.

[The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Belize Media Group].

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