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June 7, 2015
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June 8, 2015

Ivan Ramos did the right thing by resigning and now he has the last laugh

Posted: Monday, June 8, 2015. 5:58 am CST.

Monday, June 8th 2015.

By: Wellington C. Ramos

All the people who come from Dangriga know the Ramos family well and the one that is most known out of all of them is Ivan’s father Carl Ramos better known as “Kiwi”. He was a quite, humble and dedicated individual who made it his business to write the daily news on the blackboards in the town and organize the football primary school competition for the children. If it was not for his efforts probably many of the great football players like my teammates Brazilian, “Garincha” and  myself who came from Dangriga,   would not have achieved our success in this sport. He was also a diehard supporter of the People’s United Party along with most of his family. Both of Ivan Ramos’ grandfathers are legends in the Garifuna community that have left everlasting legacies to us.ivan ramos dangriga pup representative

From his mother’s side his grandfather is the late Sam Daniels an Educator who have educated many Garifuna and Belizeans in the Toledo District during the time of my late grandfather his friend the late Simeon Marcus Sampson Sr. Then,  from his father’s side come the most respected Garifuna person even up to today the late Thomas Vincent Ramos the founder of the Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize. Some Garifuna people voted for Ivan Ramos not because they are PUP’s but because of the contributions his grandparents and his father Carl Ramos made to the Dangriga community. This is the reason why we have the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga Town today.

In the last few months I have been reading several reports in the Belize Press about Ivan Ramos the elected PUP Representative from Dangriga. Most of it was negative and is coming from members of his own political party the People’s United Party (P.U.P.). I said to myself that the PUP are playing with fire and they do not know my Dangriga people. Ivan Ramos was elected through a convention by the PUP members  in Dangriga and then went on to win an election. If the PUP executive is not satisfied with his service,  they should tell him that they will call a convention to seek another candidate to replace him. Instead, they went behind his back and secretly found a person by the name of Anthony Sabal to replace him. Anthony Sabal is not Ivan Ramos and does not have the personality or the  same family background which means a lot to Dangriga voters.

The largest voting family in Dangriga town are the Sabals but Frank Papa Mena is also from that family as well. Arthur Roches who was our last representative and Ivan Ramos are close relatives but Ramos defeated him in the last general elections despite his qualifications. Why? Most people complained about the personality of Roches towards them. Plus,  Ramos family background is always a contributing factor. Dangriga people are unique in the way they vote for their candidate and because most Garifuna people are related to each other they resent when strangers get into their family squabbles. The People’s United Party has and continued to disrespect Ivan Ramos in public and he got sick and tired of them so he resigned. They are going to say more things about him but who cares about what they are saying. He resigned his seat to teach them a lesson that he can make it more difficult for them as opposed to them making it more difficult for him.

Now, I am proud of him for making this bold decision to end all this PUP disrespecting attitude towards him. In the next thirty days a By-Election will be held in Dangriga Town and Ramos have the option of not only to endorse Frank Papa Mena but to encourage all his voters to vote for him as well. Also, he will give his reasons why he decided to resign his seat as their representative. When the Garifuna people and the voters of Dangriga hear Ramos’ reasons, the People’s United Party will lose the upcoming By-Election by a huge margin and that will increase the United Democratic Party’s majority in the House of Representatives. Ramos departure could also lead to more PUP representatives defecting from the PUP because I heard they are planning to get rid of more elected representatives. The harassing, dictating and manipulating of our elected representatives will not be tolerated in our beloved hometown Dangriga. It should not be tolerated in our country as well. We already know what will be the outcome and we are waiting for election day to come to teach them a lesson.

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