Home invader escapes in family’s Escape

Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2017. 1:13 p.m. CST.


By BBN Staff: A home invasion in Ladyville on Thursday cost the victims of an armed robbery a total loss of over $27,000 and an SUV as the thief stole and made his escape in the family’s Ford Escape.

According to police reports, 26-year-old Steven Wade reported that on Thursday night around 11:45 while at his girlfriend’s house in Ladyville, he was making his way from the room to the kitchen area when he was approached by an unknown intruder.

The intruder, dressed in black with a white mask over his face and black gloves on his hands, was armed with a handgun.

The thief then stole two iPhone 6 valued at $1,200 each, one black MK brand bag valued at $185, one Kenneth Cole wallet valued at $50, assorted documents, $250 in cash, and the keys for a white 2010 Ford Escape valued at $25,000. The thief then made his escape in the family’s Ford Escape.

The vehicle was later found but was completely destroyed by fire.

Police are investigating.


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