Police find ammo and weed in Cayo

Posted: Monday, January 23, 2017. 1:20 p.m. CST.


By BBN Staff: According to police reports, Saturday night at around 6:30, San Ignacio police were conducting vehicle checkpoints on the George Price Highway near Georgeville Village when a passenger bus arrived heading towards Belmopan.

Police searched the bus and discovered a black plastic bag tucked under a spare tire located behind the last seat of the bus which contained 680 grams of cannabis. Police took the cannabis to the station and and labeled it as “found property”.

On Friday evening at 3.29 p.m., police also conducted a search in a yard on an unnamed street in the Young Bank area of Camalote Village which led to the discovery of (46) live Luger brand 9 mm rounds of ammunition.

No one was seen in the area at the time of the search and the ammunition was sealed and labeled as “found property”.

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