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March 16, 2017
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March 16, 2017

A turbulent women’s month in Belize – Lisa Shoman speaks

Posted: Thursday, March 16, 2017. 12:02 p.m. CST.

By Lisa M. Shoman: I’m an early riser. I love mornings and the promise of a brand new day. I especially love the cool damp before the rising sun. I’m normally a sunny person when I awake.

Not this morning. This morning I’m up and I’m mad. I’m angry about the murder of Keonia Ara. I’m angry about the 13 year old girl who is being faced with an older male cyber bully. I’m angry about the way our force ripe babies are stalked by sexual predators.

I’m angry about the young woman in San Pedro who died alone and unassisted at the airstrip in San Pedro after being released by the Polyclinic.

I’m angry about the prevalent misogynistic and ignorant attitude of pages like STOP BAV and Belizean Cheaters and their many, many fans.

I’m angry about the spate of murders of women and the rise in violence against women and girls.

Mostly, I’m angry about my inability to do anything about any of it other than vocal advocacy for legal reform, education and culture change. So this morning I’m cursing the dark, even though I KNOW I must find a way to light at least one (1) candle instead.

Happy ******g Women’s Month, Belize

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  1. Carlos says:

    Lisa and Karen,

    It also hurts me about the murders and abuses that you make reference to. Moreover, I’m also hurt by other crimes you do not make reference to, such as murders of men and teenage boys, sexual abuse of our little boys, and suicides of citizens in Belize, both male and female.

    I hope you share that pain also and speak (or write) against those injustices the same way. See, it would be disappointing that the vocal advocacy for legal reform you speak about would follow a radical feminist agenda in Belize, because it would only further put men against women and vice versa. Legal reform is already materializing in family courts. and it is troubling because the laws and approaches seem to be in default for the protection of women and to the detriment of men. In some of those family cases, worthless and sly mothers exit the courts laughing because the laws are in women’s favour. Is it equality or advantage women seek? I hope it is the former.

  2. Lisa Shoman says:

    Hear what, Carlos? Im glad that you ARE hurt by other crimes. So am I. But those are NOT my advocacy to deal with. Women and Girls are.

    NOTHING about RADICAL FEMINISM is about putting men against women. It IS about EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS. We are not there YET.

    MY calling – my avocation if you prefer- and my WORK of advocacy, legal reform, education and litigation has always been about the marginalized in our society : women, children (including boys), Indigenous Persons and the LGBT Community ( male, female and transgendered).

    Without blowing my own horn unnecessarily, I CAN assure YOU that I’ve done MORE via my “radical feminist agenda” to deal with the ‘sexual abuse of our little boys” than you ever have by ranting about “sly mothers” and “the laws” that “are in favor of women”.

    So please. I’m doing what I’m called to do. Instead of lecturing (or worse, mansplaining me), pick up your cross, your pen, your voice and DO what YOU are called to do.


  3. Peter Courtenay says:

    Hello Lisa Shoman your news is making it out to my part of the world. Good work. Thank you

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