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November 24, 2017
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Yelling. Blaming. Pointing Fingers

Posted: Saturday, November 25, 2017. 8:02 am CST.

By Charles Leslie Jr.: Seth Godin once wrote this short blog titled “Yelling upstairs.”

He wrote: “When you’re cooking breakfast and the school bus is coming in just a few minutes, it’s tempting (and apparently efficient) to yell up the stairs. If a recalcitrant teenager is hesitating before heading off to school (I know, sometimes it happens), go ahead and yell.

Good luck with that.

The alternative is to turn off the stove and walk up the stairs. Catch your breath, then have a quiet conversation.

Not efficient, but effective.

This is an almost universal metaphor. We keep finding ways to rationalize various versions of yelling upstairs instead of doing the difficult work of engaging instead.”

Now, let us try to relate that concept to our current situation in Belize.

We have been yelling, blaming and pointing fingers – It’s Musa. It’s Barrow. It’s Ashcroft. It’s this one and that one.

My head is spinning.

However, the core of the issue is simple: after all the corrupt acts these people have committed over the past 36 years, and the suffering and destruction they have caused on thousands of Belizean lives, not one of them are in jail being held accountable for their misdeeds.

Yelling has only changed the players, my fellow Belizeans, but it has not changed the game.

Maybe it is time to stop yelling and have a quiet conversation with ourselves, our families, our friends and start thinking about and demanding a system of government that will give we, the people, the power to hold any and all corrupt politicians and non-politicians responsible and accountable.

Yes, it won’t be efficient for it will take time, it will take sacrifice, it will force us to think in an entirely novel way, however, it will be effective.

So, are we going to continue yelling at each other, at our crooked politicians, at the cronies and special interest groups?

As for me, I am moving my energy from the yelling and blaming to going around and having a quiet conversation with my fellow Belizeans about changing the system and not just the players.

Efficient. No. Effective. So far, definitely.

The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.

Charles Leslie Jr.  is the Chairman of the Belize Unity Alliance and the former independent Chairman of Placencia Village (2010 – 2013). He holds an Associates degree in business, accounting and economics and has over 20 years business experience.

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