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Belize: Racism is just a race

Posted: Monday, January 29, 2018. 1:32 pm CST.

p>1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

People are in constant competition…and racism is just one other way of what in marketing is called positioning and differentiation…seeking to use features and benefits to gain advantage in the field of competition…where small differences can change ones fortune in the currents of life.

The definition above requires for prejudice, discrimination or antagonism to exist….action words…so it implies that where these actions do not occur, then racism does not exist. However, most racism is latent…it is a tool used only when it is deemed required in the competition of life…and this latency can be expressed without action…one form of which is called indifference. The ignoring of another’s existence can be as effective at deterring competition as outward expressions through prejudice, discrimination or antagonism…avoidance in extremes can and have resulted in segregation…which is still very prevalent across the world.

Belief that one’s own race is superior only captures a portion of what racism truly is….because the choice to use racism in the field of competition mostly expresses an inferiority complex….some kind of insecurity insofar as the features and benefits that the “competitors” can offer the “customers”…that product, place, person, promotion or position that the competitors are seeking advantage for. One’s rush to use racism as a tool of choice in facing competitive forces is directly related to their own level of insecurity or feeling of inferiority regarding their capacity and capability to compete for what is at stake.

Racism is a natural thing…even the animals, reptiles, birds and plants use features and benefits to compete…of which physical “hardware” attributes such colours, sizes, shapes, aromas and textures are used to differentiate and position within the field of competition. But physical attributes are only one way of competing…other tools of competition include “software” attributes such intellectual capacity and capability, emotional stability or flexibility, creativity and innovation, familial or hereditary traits, financial/material resources, speed and accuracy, discipline, beauty, attitudes, office positions, uniforms, connections, skill sets, confidence, maturity, articulation, vision, grace, etc. The competitors mark out territory to try to dominate within their perceived domain…with a view to reduce or eliminate competition…..for food, water, shelter, sex, and even company, relationships, feelings and emotions.

Every person has a self-perception…and in some cases, these perceptions are so engrained that they find expression in families, groups of persons of like minds and shared backgrounds…and spread through communities and whole populations…they become cultural tools of competition.

There are many races of people on the earth…and each has “hardware” and “software” features and benefits that they try to use to gain advantage.

In the history of mankind slavery took on various forms….the so-called indigenous used to enslave each other….white used to enslave whites…Africans, Asians, Arabs, Persians, Jews and Gentiles enslaved each other. However, the more recent enslavement of mostly African blacks by mostly European whites, especially in their military-religious conquest of the Americas, is the most recent form of enslavement….and is still most present in the conscious and subconscious expression of white-black racism. Recent world history has brought us the likes of Hitler and Mobutu…representing the various extreme expressions of racism…yet it has also brought us the likes of Martin Luther King, Mandela, Mother Teresa and Ghandi…those who have tried to tame the wild beast of racism.

Still, some whites hold racist grievances against blacks…while others don’t want anything else but black in their lives…and vice versa. The idea that all “people of colour” are black…white people can’t jump or dance…among many other generalizations…have been sold in the racial battle for hearts and minds….bodies…and everything else under the sun.

In man’s quest to become perfect…godlike…for example, through the belief that all men are created “equal” and in the image of God…he has sought to legislate against racism….with most national constitutions making it illegal for the state to discriminate according to race, color, creed or gender…but it is difficult for human law to replace or supercede natural law….so racism remains a central tool of competition among the people of the earth…but the human laws have caused many advances that promote respect, tolerance and peace.

The concept of equality is egalitarian…it assumes that man has the ability to rise above the physical world…either through satisfaction or self-denial of physical needs…and is able to rise through the mental, mythical, astral, spiritual and metaphysical realms…with equal capacity and capability in scale and scope…willingness and ability. However, no two humans competing in the physical world for food, water, sex and shelter will see each other as equals…one will always feel more entitled than the other, for whatever reason….the extremes of which escalate into fight or flight strategic positioning and/or differentiation.

It can be argued that if racism did not exist….certain species and genuses would become extinct much faster than others…because if they were forced to compete only along the lines of physical features and benefits, they could not do so effectively and efficiently. So racism actually serves to preserve certain life forms. Imagine what the world would be like if coral snakes did not discriminate against boa constrictors…or if toucans and scarlet macaws recognized no difference between them…or if jaguars and ocelots saw each other as equals…what if the turtle did not develop a strong shell so that it can survive among the crocodiles.

In philosophy, the concept of post-modernism tries to grapple with this reality without using the terms and conditions of the field of competition…in its politically correct modus it mostly avoids the word racism in its narrative…yet all struggle to find advantageous positioning and differentiation…while aspiring to similar things, places, people, feelings and emotions. Everyone claims to be different and unique…choosing a slightly different version of the same thing…whether it be ripped jeans, Michel Kors bags, pink lipstick, color-dyed hair, Converse tennis, even boxers…to cosmetic adjustments for bigger or smaller lips, butts, breasts, abdomen…skin bleaching…and other features from which some perceived or real benefit is derived.

Thus there are positive and negative results of racism….the most extreme of negative results is when the competition becomes so fierce among humans for food, water, sex and/or shelter…even at the levels of material comforts and luxuries…that they descend into physical conflict and the killer instinct rises to the forefront of competitive manoeuvres.

Racism then, is merely another tool of competition among humans…as long as people can find ways to vary their positioning and differentiation…to gain advantage….there will be racism in the world.

To reduce the negative effects of racism….the world has to seek out and find ways of reducing competition among humans…especially for their primal physical needs…because forced denial and self-denial are not natural human instincts nor tendencies…and while reducing competition at this level will calm the beast of racism, even then, humans will find fields of competition at the mental, mythical, astral, spiritual and metaphysical levels…much of these competitive fields are already unfolding….from big-data, to genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, bio-recognition, teleportation and beyond…

Welcome to the brave, new world…where people will no longer be judged by the colour of their skin…but by the content of their character…where the color of a mans skin…will be no more significance, than the color of his eyes…in this brave, new world….be careful what you wish for….because you just might get it…


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