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Belize~ Independent and Sovereign


Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2018. 9:16 am CST.

Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2018. 9:00 a.m. CST.

The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.

This article was written by Richard Harrison, Belizean investor in production and services businesses in Belize. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration degree from Lancaster University.

By Richard Harrison: The recent act by Google to replace the hard line borders between Belize and Guatemala with a dotted line, will go down in history as one of the most ironic efforts to reverse the independence and sovereignty of Belize. The irony is that Google maps are virtual and that kind of manuevre can be made with the click of a computer mouse….however, the same Google maps show the forest cover of the entire area….and the border of Belize can clearly be seen by anyone who is not blind….mostly green and forested to the east and north of the boundary…mostly barren to the west and south.

It is not lost on us that Google is owned in large part by Jews…and that Israel has a special, long-term friendship with Guatemala…a geo-political reality recently played out in the move by Guatemala to be the first to follow the USA move of their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Belize should not have any enemies in the world….Israel and Belize are not enemies…neither is Belize and Guatemala…indeed, we are friends and neighbours. However, both Israel and Guatemala have yet to recognize and respect the independence and sovereignty of Belize….of their own free will…in their own due time….nobody should force them to accept or deny Belize’s borders and its right to self-determination.

This is the principal reason why I say NO TO I.C.J….because there is a geo-political push to rush the settlement of the over 150-year-old dispute between Gran Britannia and Guatemala…testing the will of the Belizean people for self-determination…and there should be no such push.

Belizeans have been long term allies of the people of Gran Britannia and of the USA…and their governments should respect this. No doubt, Belize must do more to strengthen these relationships…at all levels. The largest chunk of foreign direct investments in Belize proceeds from the USA, and all these investors and investments need the full protection of a strong and just Belize Constitution based mostly on British Common Law.

Belizeans cannot afford and does not need to be enemies of any people of the world…indeed, Belize needs to significantly improve its relations with Guatemala and Israel…so that the day is not long in coming when both will accept and recognize…by their own free volition…the will of the people of Belize to continue to be independent and sovereign. Their people, nor the people of Belize, have anything good to gain from peeling back the independence and sovereignty of Belize. We all have much to gain from strengthening the human and economic relations between all the interested parties.

Belize must shift course from rogue state, by electing governments that implement policies along the lines of judicial, economic and political reforms that strengthen our democratic and honorable participation in the legitimate global political and economic arena….especially we must be wanted members of the USA/British Alliance for peace…we must become much more active in all the forums that supported Belize’s independence and sovereignty.

There are no Belizeans who wish for Belize to be segmented…those who say they support the YES TO I.C.J. vote claim they do so because they believe Belize will win hands down at the international court….even as they fear that Belize would become isolated by its international partners if it were to say NO TO I.C.J…and be left open for military invasion or other expansionary tactics by Guatemala…some openly say that Belize may lose only a little…perhaps the Sarstoon Island and river, a couple other islands to the extreme south and perhaps a little maritime space…and they would be willing to go along with that.

Those Belizeans who suggest the NO TO I.C.J. vote are mostly driven by the principle of self-determination…and that not one centimeter of Belize should be surrendered or sacrificed…indeed, that Belize, with the support of its allies, should reinforce its ownership of Sarstoon Island and all its territory up to its borders defined in its Constitution.

The Constitution of Belize explicitly requires a 75% majority vote in the Belize House of Representatives for it to be altered in any way. No vote or referendum that does not respect this minimum standard of respect for the spirit of our Constitution can be upheld…regardless of whether it is ones opinion, substantiated or otherwise, that Belize would win hands down and en toto at the I.C.J.

Some have tried to spin the referendum vote of Guatemalans, in which only 26% of the voters participated, voting 95% in favor of yes to I.C.J….that because the referendum agreement was changed to require no treshold, that this is a fair and just statement…they claim that this level of participation is representative as other referendum votes in Guatemala have garnered similar levels of participation. However, further investigative sampling of the 74% of voters that chose not to participate in their referendum process show that the vast majority of Guatemalans do not support the claim of Belize and desire for Belize to remain independent and sovereign…and all the majority of them want is for the borders to be well defined according to what they have known Belize to be all their lives…because they know exactly where they can cross legally into Belize and where the border points are. More importantly, sampling and focus groups done with Guatemalan Belizeans show that 90% of them desire for Belize to remain independent and sovereign…they only want their citizenship to be normalized and respected by both Belize and Guatemala…and that the process of naturalization be defined in law so that Guatemalans are respected as any other world citizen, and within the immigration management of the country so that the economy continues to be vibrant and a beacon of hope for those whose feet take them in search of better living conditions for their families.

Lastly, no politician of the Belize side can claim to have any authority to enter into any negotiations with the potential to alter the Constitution of Belize…especially its borders….and if they have taken it upon themselves to engage in such, that their actions are bordering on treason. The crawl from border, to adjacency line, to adjacency zone, to imaginary borders is not one that Belizeans view as in the best interest of independent and sovereign Belize.

All Belizeans….of yes and no to I.C.J. persuasion…must support the independence and sovereignty of Belize now…only in unity will Belize thrive and prosper…anyone who is not in full support of Belize’s independence and sovereignty cannot be made responsible for any effort at the I.C.J. or along the lines of renewed, broadened and deepened negotiations.

Thus, the future of #BelizeIndependentSovereign will be decided by the people of Belize….by their mass demonstration of their will to be self-determined…a demonstration so large that there can be no mistake in the corridors of political and economic powers of Belize, Gran Britannia, USA, Israel, Guatemala and every corner of the globe…that the will of the people of Belize to remain independent and sovereign is unshakable….unmoveable…and unrelenting.

Instead of alienating us from the rest of the world…such act of self-determination will reinforce the respect of the global community….especially of the democratic people of Gran Britannia and the USA….but also of the people of Guatemala and Israel. There will be no invasion or military occupation of Belize…rather there will be respect and trust earned….for increased cooperation that benefits both the peoples of Belize and Guatemala, living in perpetual peace and moving towards better standards of living for all in our region. Some say that all negotiations have failed in the past…and that the I.C.J. is the only route left for a solution…but negotiations are only relevant to their time…and to the negotiators capacities and capabilities…it is time for Belize to unite and forge ahead with more and better negotiations, guided by a reinvigorated, multi-partisan National Security Commission.

Belize must undertake rapid transformational reforms to drastically improve its justice system, its economy and its political democracy.

Therefore, Belize’s Independence Day of 2018 should be the biggest ever in its history…15,000 Belizeans should find their way to the capital Belmopan….under the banner of #BelizeIndependentSovereign….drone videos that create the image of ants over a stirred ants nest should be aired live to the entire world…across all forms of media…Belize political leaders should be joined by leaders invited from every country of the world…including Gran Britannia, USA, Guatemala and Israel…to speak in support of the people of Belize’s right to self-determination, independence and sovereignty. If necessary, all municipal celebrations of this years independence should be moved to this initiative. All schools, churches, unions, and institutions of Belize should be represented….all marching bands, steel bands, local and international artists should motivate the people to their highest calling.

All who want to help in the organization of this movement to support the INDEPENDENCE AND SOVEREIGNTY of Belize through mass peoples power on September 21, 2018 can call me on 501-620-3535, inbox me on Facebook or email me on [email protected]




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