June 26, 2015

Guatemala not “hostile” to Belize, says Foreign Minister

There was the encounter between Coast Guard personnel on reconnaissance on Sarstoon Island with their Guatemalan counterparts, where rumors persist that the Belizeans were ordered to [...]
June 17, 2015

Guatemalan Vessel leaves Belizean waters without paying for damages

The vessel reportedly experienced mechanical problems before crashing into the reef just outside of Middle Caye and was unable to move. This incident occurred on Wednesday [...]
June 16, 2015

PUP Questions Guatemalan Intrusion

This official release sent by the PUP yesterday is just one of the many questions left unanswered, days after a Guatemalan vessel has been removed from [...]
June 14, 2015

Guatemalan military vessel removed from Belize’s Reef

According to reports, the vessel has been allowed to return to Puerto Barrios with all crew members on board which is a divergence from established protocol [...]
June 14, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: 5 Belizeans detained in Guatemala

Santa Cruz is a Guatemalan village that borders Jalacate in southern Belize, and according to reports, the men were drunk and disorderly and were involved in [...]
June 13, 2015

Guatemalans protest government corruption: Why it matters to Belize

Saturday, June 13th 2015. BMG: Britain's The Guardian reports that thousands of Guatemalans have camped out in the Constitution Square outside the National Palace in Guatemala [...]
June 12, 2015

Guatemala’s naval vessel is still on our reef

According to reports, the timeline for removing the vessel from the reef is uncertain, and the boat is being treated the same as any other civilian, [...]
June 12, 2015

Guatemala will not stop until we get some answers to some questions

Dear My Belizean People,