March 3, 2023

Pension reform: Two-stage process agreed; Government insists benefits will accrue to new generation of Public Service

As explained by Minister of Education and Government negotiator Francis Fonseca, “We agreed in principle that we would approach pension reform in two stages really. First, [...]
March 3, 2023

Government and joint unions say progress made on increment restoration, but final decisions next week

Following meetings today in Belize City, member of the Government’s negotiating team and Minister of Education Francis Fonseca detailed that based on additional information about how [...]
March 2, 2023

Government agrees in principle to return of increments; urges discussion of pension reform

Ahead of a meeting today, Thursday, to finalize what that will look like, the Prime Minister told reporters that the Government had not said an outright [...]
February 26, 2023

Trade Union Congress backs Joint Union Negotiating Team; delineates points of contention with the Briceño administration

In a statement, the Congress discussed the issues of increment restoration, collective bargaining and pension reform. It offered blanket support for the restoration of increments “within [...]
February 10, 2023

Teachers’ Union clarifies stance, denies defending pedophiles after miscommunication

As President Smith stated at that time, “It is a matter that as a union we do not condone. I will say that upfront, we do [...]
February 7, 2023

Joint Unions: Restore increments by April 1 – or else!

They insist that they have seen no evidence to suggest anything that would stop increments from being restored as part of the forthcoming budget, that is, [...]
November 6, 2022

Ministry of Education stands by school re-opening plan, lists schools allowed to re-open later

Thus, it appears tonight that most schools, including in the Belize District, will re-open as announced on Monday, November 7, rather than a week later as [...]
November 6, 2022

BNTU calls out Ministry of Education for “misleading” press release regarding the resumption of classes

The Ministry issued a release earlier today, explaining that it met with the BNTU and the general managers of those schools that were severely affected by [...]