May 4, 2022

First a mother and sister-in-law murdered in 2016, now her son Chris Rodriguez: What are we coming to Belize?

By Deyanie Rodriguez Hyde: On April 30th 2016 we lost two women - they were mothers, sisters, sister-in-laws, aunts, friends, daughters, and wives - Miriam ‘Betty’ [...]
May 2, 2022

Remembering Sir Manuel Esquivel on his birthday

By Delroy Cuthkelvin: Were he still alive, Sir Manuel Esquivel would have celebrated his 82nd birthday today, May 2, 2022. Sir Manuel left us less than [...]
April 15, 2022

Battle lines drawn – will Belize get back the garland on Holy Saturday?

Wags and know-it-alls aside, there is no day more patriotic in Belize, except for a pair in September or perhaps November 19, than Holy Saturday, when [...]
April 10, 2022

John Fitzgerald King – A one of a kind footballer, dead at the tender age of 28

John King then migrated down south to the Culture Capital to attend Delille Academy and that gave him another opportunity to play in the Mayor's Cup [...]
April 5, 2022

A Return to Virtue to Strengthen the Jewel

By Fr. Scott Giuliani, SOLT:
April 4, 2022

The 2022 Budget Speech – Keeling Right

By Norris Hall: The Prime Minister’s budget speech that he delivered to the House of Representatives in mid-March was, by parliamentary standards, either a work of [...]
April 4, 2022

Sacking the future of the UDP – Sheena Pitts and Khalid Belisle

By Delroy Cuthkelvin: On both occasions that he seized parliamentary control of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Shyne Barrow has sacked from the Senate promising UDP [...]
March 30, 2022

Quality Feed Mill breaks ground for an $8 million vegetable oil refinery in Spanish Lookout

Quality Feed Mill (QFM) had a ground-breaking ceremony for an $8 million soybean oil refinery, the Quality Vegetable Oil Refinery, today in Spanish Lookout. QFM said [...]