March 30, 2022

Point and Counter Point: The State of Higher Education in Belize – Governance, Quality and Access

By Dorian A. Barrow, Ph.D., Florida State University: According to J. Alexander Bennett, a formal and systemic approach to Higher Education in Belize had its origins [...]
March 30, 2022

A few thoughts on constitutional reform – 40 plus years after Independence

By Daniel Gutierrez: I remember September 21st, 1981 clearly, the buzz, the music and festivities, the bangs of the celebratory exuberance of a nation born. I [...]
March 28, 2022

Spanish Lookout Industrial and Commercial Expo draws 27 thousand visitors

The Chamber has thanked the Ministry of Health and Police Department for policing the event, which reported no major incidents as the first of its kind [...]
March 24, 2022

Floralia offers all-day excursion from Belmopan to Spanish Lookout for Expo on Saturday

“Travel in comfort to this year's 2022 Expo in Spanish Lookout!” says Floralia.
March 21, 2022

Get your custom personal protective equipment from Belize Foam Limited

You can buy personal protective equipment (PPE) from Belize Foam Limited on the George Price Highway at special prices.
March 16, 2022

Desiree Gonzales and Marie Gomez – Two exceptional women employees honored by SMART for 17th anniversary and Women’s Month

Today, SMART took to its Facebook page to highlight Desiree Gonzalez, a billing clerk at the San Ignacio branch with 15 years of service. SMART noted [...]
March 14, 2022

After the World’s Longest School Closings, Latin America Can Lead an Educational Renaissance

By Mauricio Claver-Carone - President of the Washington, DC-based Inter-American Development Bank, the leading source of climate finance for Latin America and the Caribbean.
March 11, 2022

Our Strength is our Unity: Putin Chose War. We Remain United with Ukraine.

By U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Leyla Moses-Ones: