January 16, 2022

Threats to Good Governance: Part 1 – Ministerial malpractice and incompetent CEO’s

By Norris Hall: There is nothing more debilitating to good governance than ministerial malpractices, mismanagement and a bloated, inept and crumbling Public Service.
January 15, 2022

Political leaders in Belize and the legacy of George Price – Who will rise to lead the next generation?

Writer's note: This piece was adapted from a Facebook post I made in October of 2011.
December 16, 2021

Don’t get left without your Christmas turkey; get yours at Quality Poultry Products today

“This year we have some big birds, I'm talking like 26, 28 pounds. So, we do have to turkeys for the entire family, if you have [...]
December 7, 2021

A Holistic Approach is Needed to Respond to Future Shocks in the Caribbean

I started my new job as World Bank Director for the Caribbean this summer and I must say it was baptism by fire. Although luckily, the [...]
November 25, 2021

Health CEO leaves: ‘What’s the other side of the story’

Paid Contribution: Yesterday, Prime Minister John Briceño went on record to say that the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Health and Wellness Deysi Mendez is [...]
November 14, 2021

Police checkpoint – An emblem of talent or limited talent?

The police view these checkpoints on an already busy day or during rush hour as a "talented' move...a move that in their mind is capable of [...]
November 12, 2021

Environmental sweet talk at climate conference: A credibility gap

By Norris Hall: Belize’s Prime Minister, John Briceno, may have had an epiphany at a very high altitude, on his way to the United Nations sponsored [...]
November 12, 2021

Point and Counterpoint- Politics and Public Policy: Dirty Laundry

By Dorian A. Barrow, Ph.D., Florida State University: Some recent events have led me to ask the questions: who in the Belizean Society really gets what [...]