September 17, 2021

Young Belizean Scientist Wins Grant to conduct research on New River

Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC) Research Biologist Jonathan Triminio, a native of Orange Walk, has been granted funding by Marine Conservation Action Fund Early Career Ocean Professionals [...]
September 15, 2021

Mr. PUP Politician: October 1st may be too rash, phase in the need for vaccination or negative COVID-19 test to enter public buildings and spaces

The government's decision to require vaccination cards or negative COVID-19 test to enter public spaces is facing harsh social lash backs even though it is intended [...]
September 12, 2021

International Prices of Liquefied Petroleum Gas at highest point since 2012 and still rising

CONTRIBUTED: The cost of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been steadily rising internationally this year, with Mont Belvieu prices for propane and butane currently at the [...]
September 6, 2021

Point and Counter-Point: Wanted – More political mules like George Price and Philip Goldson

By Dorian A. Barrow, Ph.D., Florida State University: One of the things I admire most about the late Hon. George Price (GP) and the late Hon. [...]
August 30, 2021

Point and Counter-Point – BLUE and BLU: Social Justice vs Market Forces

By Dorian A. Barrow, Ph.D., Florida State University: The Peoples United Party (The PUP) has historically been known as the BLUE Party in Belize. It was [...]
August 23, 2021

John Saldivar: “Root causes of poverty are systemic” and produced unintended by “our economic and political system”

Poverty will always exist, Saldivar argued partly because it is hard to eradicate. However, rather than trying to eliminate poverty from society as a whole, he [...]
August 16, 2021

Point and Counter-Point: The PSE gone – The end of a colonial legacy of pain

Ву Dоrіаn А. Ваrrоw, Рh.D., Flоrіdа Ѕtаtе Unіvеrѕіtу: For me, the Hon. Francis Fonseca, last week did the boldest thing any education minister has ever done [...]
August 3, 2021

Point and Counter-Point: Picasso Blue – The orange economy in Belize

By Dorian A. Barrow, Ph.D., Florida State University: We have heard of the Green Economy and recently even the Blue Economy. Economists use colour metaphors to [...]