January 2, 2021

Mesopotamia Area Rep Shyne Barrow supports Minister of Growth Industries push to legalize marijuana

By Shyne Barrow: As a legislator, I would support the right amendment to the constitution to legalize marijuana.
December 31, 2020

Top 5 T-shirts for “Maaga season”!

First up, they have an "All you need is Love and Fry Jacks!" graphic tee for kids, because while funds may be short after all the [...]
December 23, 2020

Christmas Grief and COVID-19

Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter is the Published Author of the textbook Medical Social Work Practice: A Christian Approach, Professor of Social Work at California Baptist University and [...]
December 22, 2020

Belize Foam Ltd.: A FOAM CALL AWAY!

There was even a phase whereby the shortage of PPEs was plaguing our country with important things like masks, gloves and protective suits becoming rare commodities.
December 18, 2020

Open Letter to CEO, Minister and Ministry of Tourism

By Charles Leslie Jr: From Placencia, a pleasant greeting to Hon. Anthony Mahler and CEO Nicole Solano.
December 18, 2020

Prime Minister Briceno and his administration are failing terribly in their COVID19 response

By Shyne Barrow: From the moment PM Briceno called on COVID19 voters to go out and vote at risk of infecting others that was the beginning [...]
December 16, 2020

Farms Under Pressure: How Can Maintenance Protect Profits, Come Rain or Shine?

Around the world, farmers are talking about how rising equipment costs are adding to the pressure they’re already feeling, working in an industry so transformed by [...]
December 15, 2020

Ministry of Health and Wellness confirms 134 new cases of COVID-19

As such, the Ministry urges the public to follow all health guidelines.