December 12, 2019

Short Term Financial Solutions From A Focused Customer Company

Quickstop opened its first store in April of 2006 in Belmopan City with a view of changing the microcredit landscape in Belize.  Quickstop’s focus was on [...]
December 10, 2019

Op-Ed from Senior U.S. State Department Official on International Human Rights Day

December 9, 2019

The Belize LPG importers hereby informs the general public of the following:

The Belize LPG importers hereby informs the general public of the following: The LPG or butane importers have been in Belize for over 30 years, creating [...]
December 9, 2019

Los importadores de GLP de Belize a la oponion pública hace saber:

Los importadores de glp o butano estamos en Belize desde hace mas de 30 años, creando una cadena de distribución local directa y con pequeños distribuidores, [...]
November 29, 2019

Are you ready to dance with Tandoors Restaurant and Bar this Saturday, Nov 30th 2019?

Hailing from Columbia, La Sonora Dinamita is credited with being one of the first cumbia bands to reach international success and a major influence in popularizing [...]
November 27, 2019

DIGI/BECOL Basketball Tournament upcoming games

The DIGI/BECOL Basketball Tournament which is hosted by the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Basketball Association (SSBA) started the first round of the playoff this weekend. [...]
November 25, 2019

Shyne hosts U-18 Basketball Tournament in Mesopotamia

Ten teams and over 150 youths participated in the Mesopotamia U-18 Basketball Tournament, which was hosted and organized by Barrow.
November 21, 2019

Pallotine Centennial Monument Committee commissions sculpture of Sister Dominica

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