November 26, 2021

Nineteen-year-old busted with cocaine told police he borrowed the shirt it was found in – cleared of charges

Davis was busted with 0.1 grams of cocaine on Tuesday. In court he pleaded guilty to possession, but explained that the cocaine was not his. He [...]
November 26, 2021

Stann Creek man accused of conning business owner out of $10,000 worth of construction materials

Fifty-three-year-old Gordon Charles Jenkins appeared in the Belize City Magistrate's Court this week to answer to a charge of obtaining property by deception.
November 25, 2021

Woman and police lure alleged Facebook scammer who took $1,600 for a phone she never received

Krystal Hyde, 24, told police that she found an iPhone 11 Pro Max while scrolling on Facebook, being sold by an account under the name Markiesha [...]
November 25, 2021

Chrisdale Courtney remanded to prison for the attempted murder of Albert Pou

Courtney appeared unrepresented in the Belize City Magistrates Court to answer to charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm.
November 24, 2021

Man fined $300 for curfew offense after months of dodging court and finally being picked up

Back in June, police say that they found Montero on the street after curfew without a valid reason and charged him accordingly. When he appeared in [...]
November 24, 2021

Couple busted for unlicensed gun and ammunition – husband takes the rap and gets three years

Twenty-six-year-old Moses Garcia and 27-year-old Mary Leanna Santos appeared unrepresented in court with respect to a .22 caliber Marlin model 60 brand rifle along with nine [...]
November 24, 2021

Nine of ‘Bladen 11’ including accused police officers make bail

These include Sergeant of Police George Ferguson; Corporals Elmer Nah and DeLeon Casimiro, Constable Nelson Middleton and Nah's wife Epifania Caliz, who have retained defense counsel [...]
November 23, 2021

Man who failed to show up for court found guilty of SOE offense in his absence

Gilbert Alvarez reportedly had a case before the Belize City Magistrate's Court on Monday, to answer to a State of Emergency violation of failure to wear [...]