October 21, 2021

Leon Garcia charged with murder of Ian Westby; remanded to prison

Garcia was arraigned in court #2 before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. He appeared with his attorney, Ronell Gonzalez.
October 18, 2021

Man pleads guilty to drunk driving but denies escaping from police

Thirty-five-year-old, Marco Antonio Serrano, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate's Court where he wasted no time in pleading guilty to riding his motorcycle while under [...]
October 18, 2021

Special constable dragged to court in drunken stupor

Officers reportedly found Nunez annihilated near the Swing Bridge close to Bucket Bar, completely inebriated, and brought him to the Magistrate Court parking lot to sober [...]
October 18, 2021

Kareem Beeks arraigned for weekend murder of Jeovanni Augustine

He was read one count of murder, but could not enter a plea due to the nature of the offense. he was remanded to the Belize [...]
October 18, 2021

Minister’s son, Darrel ‘Tutsi Roll’ Usher remanded to prison on firearm charges after being found with alleged murder weapon in recent incident

Usher, a former police officer, appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Khiana Gordon where two charges were read to him: one count of kept unlicensed firearm, and one [...]
October 14, 2021

Man sentenced to one year in jail for 13 bullets, spared maximum 5-year sentence for guilty plea

Garcia was arrested along with Egbert Vernon, 40; and Joshua Westby, 25; for the crime on Tuesday, October 12 after police executed a search warrant at [...]
October 14, 2021

Babysitter charged for armed robbery at Reimers Feed Mill sitting behind bars on remand

Erwin Troy Hamilton, 23, a babysitter of T Street in the Port Loyola area of Belize City; appeared before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson in court #3 [...]
October 13, 2021

Man fined $150 in court for calling little brother an ‘a$$h*le’ in family dispute, sent to jail over outstanding debt to court

Williams is accused of committing 'insulting words' against Duwan Williams, his little brother, when he uttered "You da wa a$$h*le" during a family dispute at their [...]