October 11, 2023

Meixcan duo who stole two vehicles from car rental denied bail, remanded

Alejandro Jair Gonzalez Vasquez, 28, and Carlos Francisco Moralez, 37, appeared in court unrepresented on Wednesday. The men are accused of stealing a 2020 Kia Sorento [...]
October 11, 2023

Albert Zetina fined $800 for punching police officer in his mouth

Zetina appeared in court on Wednesday unrepresented to answer to a single count of aggravated assault. He pleaded guilty and was fined $800 plus $5 cost [...]
October 10, 2023

Notorious Nimrod Tillet, confined to wheelchair, facing extradition for 2019 murder in Mexico

An application for an extradition was made in the lower court today. He is accused of killing a woman in 2019 in Mexico but other details [...]
October 10, 2023

Meighan brothers not worried as DPP’s office plans appeal for gang charge they beat

Tyrone and Ellis Meighan appeared in court this morning on another charge of aggravated assault and were served papers of the intended appeal. The brothers told [...]
October 10, 2023

Man owns up to gun charge to spare family and friends from jail time

Ian Young Jr., 24, pleaded guilty to kept unlicensed firearm and kept unlicensed in court today. He was initially arrested along with 44-year-old Deon Martin; Marcia [...]
October 10, 2023

Man charged for slapping 13-year-old girl’s butt and smiling at her

Frank Robert Vasquez, who turned 18 in April, appeared unrepresented in court and was charged with sexual assault. He pleaded not guilty and was granted bail [...]
October 9, 2023

Government announces legal reforms to plea agreements, alternative sentencing, and keeping of criminal records

New legislation titled the Criminal Procedure (Plea Discussion and Plea Agreement) Act would establish a system of plea discussion and plea agreements in criminal procedure to [...]
October 8, 2023

Two fishermen charged and handed hefty fines for illegal harvesting of conch from Turneffe Atoll Reserve

57-year-old Francisco Chan of Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District; and 23-year-old Russell Melendez of Copper Bank, Corozal District, were each charged with [...]