March 27, 2024

‘One of the positive ones:’ Elwin ‘Ras Bobo’ Lewis mourned as police search for killer continues

And while Police Commissioner Chester Williams paid his respects on Tuesday, he noted that Lewis’ undoing was perhaps his belief that his ‘street cred’ would help [...]
March 26, 2024

Honduran man in jail pending deportation busted with weed in jail and given 2 more months of time

Carlos Antonio Urbina Yanez, 43; had already been found guilty of residing in Belize illegally but when he was escorted to prison, guards found 14 grams [...]
March 26, 2024

Fisherman busted with crack pipe for second time in months

Torres appeared in court unrepresented on Monday and immediately plead3ed guilty to a charge of possession of a controlled drug. He was fined $200 plus $5 [...]
March 26, 2024

Tyrike Supaul arraigned and remanded for murder of Nigel Jonathan Williams on Friday night

In court, no plea was taken from Supaul and the Chief Magistrate explained to him that due to the nature of the offenses, she could not [...]
March 26, 2024

Southside Belize City, parts of Roaring Creek and Camalote enter a State of Emergency for Easter

Statutory Instrument 58 of 2024 states, “a public emergency has arisen in the part of Belize consisting of the part of Belize City known as the [...]
March 26, 2024

Ladyville man charged with firearm offense, escaping from police and breaking table

Gentle appeared in court unrepresented and pleaded not guilty to all three criminal charges. He was first charged with a count of kept unlicensed ammunition. He [...]
March 25, 2024

Immigration Officer Monique Escalante charged with extortion of Jamaican immigrant

Escalante, represented by Audrey Matura, is alleged to have unlawfully demanded under cover of her duties as an Immigration Department officer some US$3,000 or BZ$6,000 from [...]
March 24, 2024

Three-month pregnant woman to be deported back to El Salvador

Marta Lilian Hernandez, 25, appeared in court on Friday where she was read a single count of failure to comply with the conditions of her visitor’s [...]