September 25, 2023

Three months for 10 air fresheners: Sticky finger shoplifter picks up 5th conviction 

Fifty-five-year-old Elias Reymundo Pech, appeared in court today facing a charge of theft for reportedly taking 10 air fresheners worth $2 each from Ice Cold Store [...]
September 23, 2023

Byron Eddison Flowers charged with Buttonwood Bay burglary

26-year-old Byron Eddison Flowers from Consuelo Street, Belize City, is charged with trespassing into Jocelyn Young's residence, intending to steal electronics and other items valued at [...]
September 23, 2023

70-year-old security guard spared jail time after being found guilty for unlicensed ammunition

The arrest was made following a distress call to police indicating that a man was trying to commit suicide. On arrival at the farm, police found [...]
September 23, 2023

27-year-old Calvin McKay sentenced to 3 years in prison for unpaid fines from 2020 COVID-19 curfew breaches

While Calvin McKay was in court for two drug-related offenses—possession of an undetermined amount of crack cocaine and possession of a pipe—he pleaded not guilty and [...]
September 23, 2023

37-year-old Charles Raymond Leslie jailed after being charged for dangerous harm and use of deadly means in verandah shooting

Charles Raymond Leslie, 37, a resident of Fabers Road, Belize City, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate's Court on Friday. Leslie is facing two criminal [...]
September 22, 2023

Chervin Tench walked from gun and ammo charges; policeman told court he was not present when gun was found

But the prosecution’s main witness, a police officer, testified in the trial that he was never present when the gun for which Tench was being accused [...]
September 22, 2023

49-year-old Kenroy Cooke released from burglary charge, criticizes inhumane treatment at Belize Central Prison

While the dismissal of charges would have been a cause for celebration, Cooke took the opportunity to share his experiences at the Belize Central Prison. Speaking [...]
September 21, 2023

Stealing and trying to escape twice lands 31-year-old construction worker in prison for six months

The electrical wires, that Gomez was accused of stealing is valued at $80 and belonged to businessman Darrell Usher Jr.