October 4, 2021

Curfew hours revert; vaccinated persons to benefit from new regulations

Until further notice, restaurants, saloons, diners and other similar establishments allowed to operate may offer dining-in services by reservation only, for no more than fifty per [...]
October 3, 2021

“We do not support the reopening of schools under these circumstances,” says the UDP on greenlight for optional school reopening on October 4

The UDP released a statement on Friday hammering the Briceno administration saying, "We are living in a country where crime and violence are out of control, [...]
October 3, 2021

New study supports that vaccination reduces the spread of COVID-19

Notably, the study was published online on Thursday, October 1, and has not yet been peer-reviewed.
October 3, 2021

Globally reported COVID-19 cases now over 235 million

The data for Sunday, October 3, 2021, puts reported cases at 235,603,384. The data shows over 18.3 mіllіоn currently active саѕеѕ, with 87,338 (0.5 реrсеnt) of [...]
October 3, 2021

Portugal set to reopen after vaccinating 85% of its adult population

Located next to Spain in Europe, Portugal is set to join a handful of countries, including Denmark and Norway, that have given back residents their freedom [...]
October 3, 2021

Emergency mode activated at Western Regional Hospital due to increasing COVID-19 cases

The measures come on the heel of a reported outbreak of COVID-19 among hospital staff and ancillary personnel. While most of the cases were asymptomatic, many [...]
October 2, 2021

Prime Minister John Briceño brings 100,000 vaccines donated by Mexico

The Prime Minister was accompanied during the honour departure ceremony by general directors Martín Borrego Llorente and Iker Jiménez along with Margarita Alcántara, chief of the [...]
October 2, 2021

197,000 persons have been vaccinated, over 135,000 plus fully vaccinated

The MOHW said 196,910 persons have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. That’s 7,867 new persons vaccinated. As you read this report, that [...]