September 16, 2021
covid19 deaths in belize

Dr Julio Sabido: New measures to avert projected increase in cases

The hope is to avert increased cases, hospitalizations, and deaths above the current figures. The staff especially at Karl Heusner are "tired" and need relief.
September 16, 2021

Just over 23,000 Belizeans vaccinated on Wednesday

The MOHW's latest vaccination report, issued for Wednesday, September 15, 2021, showed a total of 23,041 vaccinations.
September 16, 2021

Belize has over 1,500 active cases of COVID-19

According to the data, there are a total of 1,514 active cases which are split between 825 females and 689 males.
September 16, 2021

Over 190 new cases of COVID-19 reported

The latest national update shows 191 new cases detected from a sample batch of 1,373 tests.
September 16, 2021

With 4 more deaths today, total deaths related to COVID-19 now just under 390

The latest COVID-19 daily update shows that the national total for deaths now stands at 389.
September 16, 2021

Exceptions to new regulations not recommended by Task Force; no lockdown will be proposed

While it was not directly recommended by the Medical Task Force, several members said today that they recognized the importance of economic recovery alongside health.
September 16, 2021

Dr. Adrian Coye: ‘COVID-19 has taken the air out of the room’

KHMH is on track for 150 admissions by the end of the month and Dr. Coye says it has taken the air out of the room. [...]
September 16, 2021

Dr Andre Sosa: Admissions at high point for 2021

The 23-bed ward has been consistently overfill at 30 for several weeks. The quality of care is under threat among doctors and staff.