September 13, 2021

Denmark bars non-vaccinated travelers from six countries from entry

The decision reportedly follows new recommendations from the European Union (EU) Council to the Member States to impose more entry restrictions on those countries as COVID-19 [...]
September 12, 2021

Americas double number of COVID-19 infections compared to last year

Nearly 1.5 million cases and more than 22,000 COVID-related deaths were reported in the Americas in the past week.
September 12, 2021

PAHO: ‘Pregnant and lactating women priority for COVID-19 vaccinations’

“We know that if pregnant women get sick, they have a higher risk of developing serious COVID symptoms, and more frequently require ventilation and intensive care, [...]
September 12, 2021

Global recoveries from COVID-19 are now over 201 million

Тhе tоtаl numbеr оf rесоvеrіеѕ duе frоm thе vіruѕ, аѕ оf 7:45 а.m. оn Ѕundау, September,12 2021, ѕtооd аt 201,850,440..
September 12, 2021

Belize Bank announces temporary closure of its San Pedro branch

The bank stressed that the closure is in line with the guidelines produced by the Ministry of Health and Wellness to protect staff customers.
September 11, 2021

With 80% vaccination rate, Denmark declares “the epidemic is under control” and lifts all local restrictions; lessons for Belize

Denmark's return to pre-pandemic normalcy has been gradual, but as of September 9th, 2021, the digital vaccination pass is no longer required when entering nightclubs, making [...]
September 11, 2021

How mandatory vaccinations can save lives

By Adrian Palma: Although many people argue that a mandatory vaccination statutory instrument is a violation of their human rights, I disagree completely because most people [...]
September 10, 2021

“We are free falling…we haven’t yet reached the bottom of the hole”, says Dr. Fernando Cuellar on the current COVID-19 wave

In the interview with Menzies, Dr. Cuellar is asking the government to "say things truthfully in terms of where we are", "don't sugar coat it, don't [...]