November 20, 2020

Global COVID-19 cases now at over 57 million

Worldometer reports that as of today, global cases are at 57,664,343 around the globe.
November 19, 2020
covid19 deaths in belize

60 new cases of COVID-19 identified; nation’s capital Belmopan dominates new cases

The detailed geographic breakdown of the 60 new cases is as follows:
November 19, 2020

Two more COVID-19 deaths; total now at 102 and case fatality surpasses 2%

With these 2 deaths, Belize now records 102 deaths and has a case fatality rate of 2.03%. 73 males and 29 females have died of COVID-19 [...]
November 19, 2020

Time to ramp up immunization, says Pan American Health Organization, as other diseases steal in behind COVID-19

Assistant Director Dr. Jarbas Barbosa noted that vaccination rates continue to fall in the Americas and have been impacted by COVID disruptions, with a decrease in [...]
November 19, 2020

Pan American Health Organization: Nearly 1.5 million cases and 19,000 deaths due to COVID-19 in the Americas

Since the pandemic began, more than 23 million people have been infected with COVID in our region and more than 680,000 have died as a result [...]
November 19, 2020
covid19 test

Pan American Health Organization reiterates support to countries for future COVID-19 vaccine

At a press briefing, Assistant Director Dr. Jarbas Barbosa projected that it will cost over US$2 billion to vaccinate just 20 percent of the population in [...]
November 18, 2020

Belize reaches a hundred COVID-19 deaths milestone with 4 more deaths reported

All 4 deaths are males, 3 of whom were in their 80s and hailing one each from Calcutta (Corozal), Benque Viejo del Carmen and Independence (Stann [...]
November 18, 2020

“No real plan to contain [COVID]” by former Government: Briceño

The disease has killed upwards of 90 persons and infected nearly 5,000 since March and appears to show no signs of slowing down.