August 10, 2020

Tropic Air uses Ultraviolet C light to sterilize aircraft

This is in addition to the enhanced chemical and disinfectant cleaning procedures for aircraft, equipment and facilities implemented in February.
August 10, 2020

Over 4,000 tests completed for COVID-19

So far, the country has registered 154 cases of COVID-19 in Belize.
August 10, 2020

Belize monitoring 120 active cases of COVID-19

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health confirmed 1 new case of COVID-19 in Belize City bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 154.
August 9, 2020

Of 3 samples processed today, one is COVID-19 positive

It was not intended to run a specific set of samples today as the Ministry stated that they focused on "the extraction process and preparation of [...]
August 8, 2020

Five more cases of COVID-19 identified in Orange Walk and 2 more in San Pedro

Of the 5 cases in the Orange Walk district, 2 are in Shipyard and according to the COVID-19 update provided by the Ministry of Health, these [...]
August 8, 2020

Dr. Marvin Manzanero: more front line workers infected with COVID-19

Of these front line workers, a doctor, a nurse and a pharmacist are from the public sector and two doctors and a nurse are from the [...]
August 8, 2020

Dr. Marvin Manzanero: 7 new cases of COVID-19 detected

Two patients are from San Pedro and five patients are from Orange Walk.
August 8, 2020

Nurses concerned of COVID-19 exposure, lack of quarantine quarters

In the letter, nurses explain that they have voiced their concerns regarding the current administration's response, with respect to; exposure to COVID 19 infected individuals; staff [...]