March 25, 2023

Rice and Beans without chicken? Prices of chicken going up!

This is largely due to grain prices that is hiked throughout the world and has a ripple effect on economies.
March 25, 2023

‘The shrimp industry is on verge of a rebound’ – Minister of Agriculture Jose Abelardo Mai

By Rubén Morales Iglesias: “The shrimp industry is on the verge of a rebound,” said Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture, Food Security, and Enterprise during the [...]
March 24, 2023

Prime Minister: “Belize is back!” as Budget passes House of Representatives

“In two years, there has been a resurgence in investor confidence; a resurgence of Belizean talent in arts and culture. Belize is back! Our people are [...]
March 24, 2023

Soybean is a such a success story that serious investments are being made in the industry, says Agriculture Minister Jose Abelardo Mai

By Rubén Morales Iglesias:
March 24, 2023

Patrick Faber to GOB ‘Your budget lacks a plan to deal with external factors affecting the economy’

During his address at the national assembly, Faber called out Prime Minister John Briceño for merely mentioning external issues such as rising inflation in the global [...]
March 24, 2023

‘Government’s economic statistics don’t match up to real life,’ says Patrick Faber

Faber, speaking at the debate of the national budget today, said that while the GOB's annual economic growth data shows the economy prospering, it paints a [...]
March 24, 2023

Prime Minister promises consultation with non-governmental organizations after “forced” non-profit organization legislation

After being read a first time in the House on March 10, the Bill has already been sent to the House’s Public Service, Labour, Industry and [...]
March 23, 2023

Agriculture Minister Jose Abelardo Mai: Decline in major industries “shrunk” agriculture sector

After a boom in cattle sales in 2021 caused by the re-opening of the borders, there was a drop of 10 thousand heads of cattle sold [...]
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