February 25, 2022

San Antonio’s Maya Green Growers Cooperative assists Hopkins Farmers Cooperative with peanuts harvest

According to Registrar of Cooperatives Gareth Murillo, cooperation among cooperatives is one of the seven principles of the cooperative movement to improve levels of production.
February 25, 2022

International Monetary Fund sets targets for Belize in preliminary report

It recommends a target of debt reaching 60 percent of GDP, slightly more ambitious than the 70 percent in the Government’s own medium-term plan, meeting a [...]
February 24, 2022

European Union assists BEL in funding $11 million Mini-grid Electricity project for five remote villages

The European Union (EU) signed an agreement today with Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) for a Rural Electrification Project which will electrify five remote villages in Belize.
February 24, 2022

Despite “glowing reviews” claim by Prime Minister, International Monetary Fund says Belize still has work to do

And so, the Prime Minister did a little boasting as well as credit on Tuesday, telling reporters, “Nobody expected our government to accomplish what it did [...]
February 24, 2022

Hol Chan Marine Reserve inaugurates new station and unveils new logo

Following the launch of its new logo the Reserve's management explained that the Reserve got its name "Hol Chan" from the Maya language meaning "Little channel" [...]
February 24, 2022

Prime Minister supports ostrich farming in Belize; sees economic opportunity

Briceño said on Wednesday that Minister of New Growth Industries Kareem Musa approves of ostrich farming and he supports Musa's determination. He added that he has [...]
February 24, 2022

Part of stevedores’ $1.5 million ex gratia payment set aside for legal fight with Port of Belize

Therefore they have set aside a percentage of the funds to be used, and they have received legal advice from attorneys on their case. They will [...]
February 24, 2022

Stevedores compare Port of Belize to President Putin on payment maneuvers

The Union has no stop order from any court and its agreement with Government is in public view, so "we have not done anything illegal and [...]
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