August 28, 2021

Defiant Cane Farmers Association denounce MacLachlan, BSI: ‘We are not your subjects!’

In a statement issued on Friday, the Association directly addresses Mac MacLachlan, Vice President of International Relations, Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI), ASR Group, stating, “May [...]
August 27, 2021

Petvillle in Orange Walk District first to get electricity under new BEL project

Prime Minister John Briceño, BEL Chairman Andrew Marshalleck, CEO John Mencias, and other representatives of BEL were at Petville on Thursday morning for the official launch [...]
August 27, 2021

BSI/ASR seeks way out of impasse over commercial agreement but maintains there will be no renegotiation

But what Tower Hill does not want, he was sure to add, was a repeat of the disruptions the last crop stoppage occasioned, which ultimately cost [...]
August 27, 2021

BEL plans power cut for villages on George Price Highway in Cayo on Saturday

The affected areas and times on Saturday, August 28, will be:
August 26, 2021

Digi says it is not offering packcredits promotion, warns of phishing scheme to get people’s personal information

“The ad currently circulating on the internet is a phishing scheme devised by unscrupulous individuals or parties in an attempt to gain access to your personal [...]
August 26, 2021

ASR/BSI loses commercial agreement with Cane Farmers Association; asks for continuation

In an open letter to cane farmers Mac Maclachlan, ASR/BSI Vice President for International Relations, explains that the BSCFA has left its members out of a [...]
August 26, 2021

BEL says electricity supply to be restored by 3 pm from Riverwalk to Unitedville in Cayo

BEL said that it had to interrupt power to relocate utility poles as part of the Road Rehabilitation Project in the area.
August 26, 2021

More than just testing: Caring Hands Antigen Test Center offers complete followup care for COVID-19 patients

Breaking Belize News spoke with Dr. Shanna Pott of Caring Hands, who explained that several considerations are made when initially assessing a patient's treatment needs, such [...]
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