May 13, 2021

When will “salary adjustments” kick in?

Christopher Coye, Minister of State, Ministry of Finance told reporters this week, “The salary adjustment for this fiscal year is part of that fiscal recovery plan [...]
May 12, 2021

Gas shortage hits cities in southeastern United States after Colonial Pipeline shutdown

CNN reports that cities in the southeastern United States are feeling the pinch with gas stations running out of the vital supply. This has prompted some [...]
May 12, 2021

Social Partner Committee will be formed to tackle tax reform

The unions are expected to be part of a social Partner Committee with other stakeholders to address issues of tax reform and collection and general reform, [...]
May 12, 2021

Measures outlined to ease pain of salary cuts and increment freezes

It is offering a performance bonus relative to the country reaching its primary surplus targets in each of the next three years.
May 12, 2021

Prime Minister updates on Joint Union negotiations

He reminded that in addition to the salary cuts, and increment freezes on salaries of public officers and teachers making over $12,000, the Government was cutting [...]
May 12, 2021

Two more teachers to commence lessons on CARICOM economics

On Thursday, Stefphoney Grinage of Sacred Heart College in Belize will teach the class of Albert Inshanally of Queen’s College in Guyana.
May 12, 2021

Belize Tourism Board encourages stakeholders who have not done so to sign up for Gold Standard Certification Program

The BTB explained that recent travel statistics show that 80 percent of tourists now consider safety as a priority when choosing a destination, making it even [...]
May 12, 2021

Alaska Airlines is coming to Belize

Tickets for the flights will go on sale in June with full flight schedules to be announced. The new service makes Belize the fourth country that [...]
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