May 12, 2021

Mark Espat back in the saddle with Superbond renegotiation 

Mark Espat, former area representative for Albert and interim People’s United Party leader in 2011, only to become Economic Ambassador for the Government of Belize under [...]
May 11, 2021

Travelers entering Belize no longer need to download the Belize Travel Health App

The adjustment was made and outlined in the Statutory Instrument No.51 of 2021.
May 11, 2021

Is raising taxes in Belize only “a matter of the timing”?

Specifically, the IMF called for the removal of certain items from zero-rated status; the general raising of the tax to near 20 percent on goods and [...]
May 11, 2021
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Why it’s no to the IMF

No matter the IMF’s assurances that it has moved away from its relentless, inflexible campaign to encourage taxation, privatization, smaller government and a muscular private sector, [...]
May 11, 2021

Is description of Belize as “serial defaulter” on Superbond accurate?

One bondholder representative, Carl Ross, seems to think so. Speaking to LOVE FM on Friday, he stated, “It’s a really bad [look] and each time the [...]
May 11, 2021

Agriculture Minister Jose Abelardo Mai and his staff visit the Orange Walk District this week

After Orange Walk, Mai and his staff will only have the Corozal District left to visit having gone to the Stann Creek,Toledo, Belize and Cayo districts [...]
May 11, 2021

Christopher Coye: Superbond negotiation “is a process”

In a media call yesterday afternoon, Government point man Senator Christopher Coye, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment, said Government [...]
May 10, 2021

Government remains optimistic in uphill battle to restructure Superbond

With a payment of interest due May 20, of approximately US$7 million, Coye would not utter the word "default," saying they would work with the bondholders [...]
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