July 8, 2014

Ex-BWS employees sue utility company over termination

Posted: Tuesday, July 8, 2014. 11:04 pm CST. Tuesday, July 8, 2014. AARON HUMES Reporting: Mark Menzies, Don Gillett, Colin Morrison, Charlette Barnett, Michael Novelo and […]
July 6, 2014

Toledo DAVCO holds consultation on oil exploration

Posted: Sunday, July 6, 2014. 10:34 pm CST. Sunday, July 6, 2014. JUAN CAAL Reporting: The Toledo District Association of Village Councils (DAVCO) continues to hold […]
July 4, 2014

The Economic Value of Marine Algae (seaweed) in Belize

Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014. 8:52 am CST. Photo by Best-Diving.org Belize is blessed with a large area of pristine sub-tropical waters inside the Great Belize […]
July 1, 2014

The Debt For Education Swap Potential in Belize

Posted: Tuesday, July 1, 2014. 9:49 am CST. Belize is classified by the World Bank as “upper-middle-income” with a GDP of US$1.493 billion (2011) and population […]
June 26, 2014

The Great Forestry Opportunity in Belize

Posted: Thursday, June 26, 2014. 9:57 am CST. The economy of Belize once depended heavily on forestry-based industry….especially during the second half of the 1800’s and […]
June 25, 2014

Statistical Institute updates on country indicators

Posted: Wednesday, June 25, 2014. 9:50 pm CST. Wednesday, June 25, 2014. AARON HUMES Reporting: The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) held another in its series […]
June 25, 2014

Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association face challenges with Fair Trade funds

Posted: Wednesday, June 25, 2014. 7:57 pm CST. Wednesday, June 25, 2014. ORANGE WALK BUREAU Reporting: Just when things looked they were going good for the […]
June 21, 2014

BEL announces multi-million dollar profit for 2013

Posted: Saturday, June 21, 2014. 10:59 pm CST. Saturday, June 21, 2014. PATRICK E. JONES Reporting: The state-owned Belize Electricity Limited this week reported a net […]