June 27, 2024

Development Finance Corporation and La Inmaculada Credit Union sign agreement for implementation of Climate Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture Project

The Climate Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture Project, aimed at bolstering the resilience of Belizean agriculture, includes a Matching Grant Facility (MGF) with an initial allocation of [...]
June 26, 2024

Ministry of Agriculture steps up prevention measures against banana disease Fusarium TR4 with workshop, simulation exercise

“The relentlessness of TR4 suggests that it will eventually reach all banana producing areas in the Central American region, including Guatemala and  Belize, and as a [...]
June 26, 2024

Ministry of Agriculture holds 3-day banana disease Fusarium Tropical Race 4 (FOC TR4) Simulation Exercise

By Rubén Morales Iglesias: The three-day banana disease Fusarium Tropical Race 4 (FOC TR4) Simulation Exercise held by the Ministry of Agriculture starts on Wednesday, June [...]
June 22, 2024

Ministry of Agriculture hosts sensitization sessions for Climate Resilient Agriculture Project (CRESAP) and Sustainable and Inclusive Belize (SAIB)

 Agricultural communities including Guinea Grass, Shipyard, Indian Church, San Carlos, Indian Creek, San Felipe, and Blue Creek have been visited by project personnel.
June 19, 2024
The James Group expands Belize real estate presence with top team acquisition

The James Group expands Belize real estate presence with top team acquisition

Frazier and his team, previously operating as 17 North, bring a proven track record and deep expertise to The James Group. Frazier cited the company's resources, [...]
June 18, 2024

BEL now projects late July for the Commissioning of the San Pedro Mobile Gas Turbine Facility after key part fails

The gas turbine should have been online by now, but the power company says it has been delayed to the end of July or early August. [...]
June 17, 2024

International Presenters lead 3-day banana disease Fusarium Wilt Tropical Race TR4 Simulation Exercise later in June

By Rubén Morales Iglesias: The Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with the International Regional Organization for Plant and Animal Health (OIRSA), Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) [...]
June 17, 2024

Sugar industry closes in on a million tonnes of cane ground in season

This is behind last year's pace as the season ended in mid-June but BSI/ASR is likely to finish with more than a million tonnes ground after [...]
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