March 3, 2023

BSI/ASR made request for brown sugar price increase almost a month ago; BSCFA objects

Earlier this week, the Corozal and Progressive Sugar Cane Farmers Associations sent a joint letter asking for price increases in both brown and plantation white sugar, [...]
March 2, 2023

“King Sugar” doing well in ninth week of crop

With nine weeks of crop completed as of February 26, a total of 31,815 tons of sugar has been produced from 343,692 tons of sugar cane, [...]
February 25, 2023

Bananas and citrus hurting but exports up to start 2023

While total exports’ value rose by $4.4 million year over year, bananas fell markedly in the first month of the year, down by more than $3 [...]
February 10, 2023

Senate meets in Belmopan; loan motions to support economy passed

The motions are the Trade and Investment Facilitation Program for Belize – US$8 Million Loan Motion, 2023; Program for Digital Innovation to Boost Economic Development in [...]
January 23, 2023

People’s United Party’s Northern Caucus wants to know why no commercial sugar agreement

Now the People's United Party's Northern Caucus is proposing a Commission of Inquiry to look into the problem and, among other things, propose a formal regulatory [...]
January 12, 2023

Cabinet hears from BSCFA on commercial agreement negotiations

One codicil to that agreement was that Cabinet would hear from both sides on the sticking points in the commercial agreement, which BSCFA terminated in 2020, [...]
December 24, 2022

Progressive and Corozal sugar farmers say “let’s get it on!” as interim agreement signed

The agreement lasts for 12 calendar months from inception rather than a crop season which typically runs from December to May or early June.
December 22, 2022

BSI, BSCFA reach agreement on continuing interim agreement for another year; sugar crop expected to go ahead next week

At this hour, Mai explained, the two sides are sorting out when exactly the new agreement will expire, as the interim agreement was signed somewhere within [...]