December 23, 2021

BREAKING: A crop after Christmas; King Sugar returns next Monday

December 21, 2021

Prime Minister hopes for peace in sugar industry

Already being suspected of playing favorites, the Government must walk a tightrope between placating the major investor ASR, and maintaining the support and the vote of [...]
December 21, 2021

BSCFA warns cañeros not to jump ship

Since a Supreme Court ruling legitimizing the breakup of the BSCFA monopoly in 2017, three other associations have been formed representing cane farmer interests: the Corozal [...]
December 21, 2021
belize sugarcane

The problem with bagasse

Since 2008, a co-generation electric project based at Tower Hill has provided up to 15 percent of national electricity, ranking behind that imported from Mexico and [...]
December 19, 2021

Sugar Control Board halts planned start of sugar crop; BSI and some cane farmers associations protest

In a statement the company cited the following reasons: (i) the declaration by the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB), a government arm, that commencement of the [...]
December 19, 2021

Will there be trouble at Tower Hill on Monday?

Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) has placed a series of barriers at the entrance to the factory at Tower Hill, Orange Walk District, after specific threats [...]
December 17, 2021

BSI/ASR accuses BSCFA of “threatening to disrupt the start of 2021-22 sugar cane crop”

In a statement, the millers say that the caneros insisted on a signed interim agreement to start the season, after notice of termination of the current [...]
December 8, 2021

BSCFA clarifies story on Fairtrade status; says it is certified until 2024

On Tuesday, Manager of the BSCFA, Oscar Alonzo, clarified to Breaking Belize News (BBN) that the BSCFA remained Fairtrade Certified as per the last FLOCERT Audit.